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Slow progress with the sand blasting / Sand blästringen tar tid

I was hoping that the sandblasting would have been done last week so that the other preparations for the re-spray could start. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, it may take a couple of more weeks. So, the car is still sitting in here somewhere, waiting to be paid some attention…


Jag hade hoppats att sandblästringen skulle varit klar i förra veckan så att lackkillarna kunde börja tennspackla karossen och förbereda för lack. Tyvärr var det inte så. Det kan ta ett par veckor till. Så P1800:an får vackert fortsätta härinne på att få uppmärksamhet av bläster firman…

Next Phase / Nästa fas

Late yesterday afternoon my Volvo arrived at P&K Panels where Andy (left in the picture) with team meats up to go through what needs to be done. Now the body is structurally sound and there is no rust, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Stripping back to bare metal, wire wehling the engine compartment, interior and luggage compartment and do all the led repairs and preparations to be able to paint in the original Volvo colour no. 71 which the car had when it left the factory in 1966. As it’s a lot of work I thought it would be appropriate with before and after photos not only of the car but of the team as well 🙂

IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5492