Göran Wennergrund (2006-2012)

Göran Wennergrund bought the car from Alan Hunter, his brother in law,  as he was moving back to Scotland. This was before the restoration project had been finalised so Göran finalised it as he had been involved from the start.

He had the engine rebuilt in 2009. The B18 engine was drilled to 2000 cc. Camshaft changed from C to K to provide more torque. I understand this was done by professionally by Bil &B Maskin in Ludvika. I think it was very sucessful as the engine runs very smooth and is quite powerful good torque. He also fitted a tow-bar to be able to tow a small caravan. This was another reason the Camshaft was upgraded to provide more torque.

The car was used for commuting to work at Ericsson on an everyday basis for a few years.

Below are some pictures of the car from June 2012 when the car was sold to me.

IMG_1372s IMG_1367s IMG_1368s IMG_1371s IMG_1373s IMG_1376s IMG_1387s

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