Color and Upholstery Codes Volvo P1800, 1800S, E and ES


p1800 66 bild 3

When I have been searching for information about P1800 interiors and the color and upholstery combinations which vary from year to year, I haven’t found any good and complete source. Many of the websites about P1800’s are unfortunately inconsistent with the Volvo Parts Catalogue or the yearly Volvo P1800 brochures, so I found ot all a bit confusing. With good help from Karl-Eric Målberg, the founder of and Lennart at VP-Autoparts, I have analysed over eight hundred photos of Chassis Plates on P1800 cars and identified which combinations you could order from the factory, by year. This information is now available by following the links below:

P1800 “Jensen”           Table P1800 Jensen

1800S                            Table 1800S

1800E                            Table 1800E

1800ES                          Table 1800ES

Still there may well be also other combinations that could be ordered. So, if you have another combination on your car please send a photo of your car and a photo of you Chassis Plate to Karl-Eric at and he will be happy to include your car in the Cassis Database.

I hope you would be happy for Karl-Eric to publish your pictures of your car in the picture gallery on his website so that we can grow that information source even bigger!



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