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Finally starting to apply primer/Till slut har vi börjat grund måla

Final cleaning of the inside and the floor before applying the primary coat. Quite a hard work as the car was stripped to bare metal over a year ago and all little surface rust that has appeared since has to go. The good thing (although quite time consuming) is that we have cleaned the car a few times during this time.

After that base coat was applied under the car…


…and to the inside.

Vi har gjort rent flera gånger under bilen eftersom det är över ett år sedan karossen gjordes plåtren.  Nu har vi gjort en slutlig rengöring (noggrann, all ytrost måste bort) under bilen och inuti, innan vi grund målade. 

Is there no progress on the welding of the body? / Händer det inget med kaross svetsningen?

I just realised that I haven’t posted an update about the welding of the body for quite a while. In fact, the last post about the body welding was over a year ago Blog post about the body from May 2015 (opens in a new window). There is a lot of work that has been done on the floor and we should soon be ready to paint!  I hope…

The reason for the long delay are many:

(1) The garage  I use, Castleman (Opens in a new window) have changed ownership and the guys have been busy with improving the workshop and upgrading the bodyshop machinery.


With those new machines you can do pretty much anything, from the front to the rear: Bending Roll, Bending Roll (or Bead Roller), English Wheel, Boxing Pan (the green one) and Guilioteen (to the left)

(2) I have not been able to find any reliable reviews with proper test results for the various methods for applying a rust protective base coat. There are different views about what is the best: 2 Pack Epoxi, Etch Primer, e-coating, Zink-based products and some firms even suggest they can galvanise thin panels (!). I have therefore decided to do a proper 2000 hours  Salt Spray Test to satisfy myself what is the best way forward. 2000 hours is a long time so the test ran over three months plus preparations and was run by a professional laboratory in accordance with the ASTM B117 standard. We did the tests using 50 year old mild steel car panels to get the results as relevant as possible for a classic car restorer. I have also visited a number of firms providing rust protection services in the UK. I will write a dedicated blog post about the Salt Spray Test later on.

(3) There was quite a bit of work with the welding of the floor. A few panels have had to be made up, some others have been bought, some panels that had been replaced by the previous garage had to be replaced as they where not properly fitted. And cleaning, cleaning cleaning! I am very happy that we have opened up all box sections in the floor and cleaned them and treated them. As you can see from the pictures below there was hidden rusty, panel on panel welding, when the outrigger was opened. The plan is now to drill an inspection hole in all box sections in the floor so that we , now that it is clean, can apply the rust protective base coat with a special spray gun, as well as rust protect it with wax or similar.  I will always be grateful to Clint and the Castleman team that the insisted that we should strip the underside of the car again as he felt quite suspicious about the quality of the previous garage’s work.  I am glad we did because it revealed so much that needed reapir and cleaning. Imagine if I had not one this and after spending ten’s of thousands of Pounds on the more visible parts of the car, would have been faced with the new rust repairs  would have continuously been needed on the floor.  It is again confirmed to me that when restoring a classic car, every square millimeter needs to be checked, cleaned, repaired, replaced or treated. There are no shortcuts!



Color and Upholstery / Färg och klädsel

As I have not found any website with an overview of which Color and Upholstery combinations that was offered in a particular year, I have done a bit of analysis and posted i a separate chapter Color and Upholstery Codes on this blog.  Please have a look and send your comments in.

p1800 66 bild 3

Eftersom jag inte har hittat någon annan website med en översikt av tillgängliga färg och klädsel kombinationer från fabrik för de olika åren, så har jag gjort en del research pct analys, och skrivit ett separate kapitel på denna blogg.  Color and Upholstery Codes på denna blogg. Ta gärna en titt och kommentera!

Castleman Auto Repair Bodyshop

Since quite some time, Castleman has been responsible for the body works on my car. They will also spray it at the end of the process. They have since last November been working on every part of the body, both outside and inside, but until recently we haven’t worked at the underside of the body as this was already done previously. To a good standard I thought. However, when the black stone-chip on the underside started to peel of in some areas, we started to get a bit suspicious and decided to sodablast also the underside of the vehicle. We found the following when this was done:-

  1. the stone-chip was loose in the areas where the car had been welded and red primer had been sprayed on top. The reason for this, we believe, is that the red primer never got sealed before the stone-chip was put on, which apparently is required fro a good result.
  2. There was rust in both Front Chassis Rails.
  3. The Reinforcement Bracket across the transmission tunnel was very rusty.
  4. There was quite a few needle holes in the floors as they where quite thin in certain areas.
  5. There was areas with rust where welding was required.

Of course a little disappointing – as this resulted in a set-back in time and cost. But Imagine if we haven’t done this, and rust had appeared in a few years, what a disappointment!  Now I know that every part, every square millimeter,  of the body has been blasted to bare metall and thoroughly inspected, welded and properly etch primed, primed and sealed up before the whole car will be painted on all sides.  This will give the best possible protection.

Below (after the Swedish text) a few pictures of the extent to which Cattleman are going to everything to a professional standard. Very reassuring.


Clint and Tim, Castleman Auto Repairs Bodyshop, Poole

Sedan ett bra tag nu har Castleman varit ansvariga för karossarbetena på min bil. De kommer också att måla den. De har sedan i November arbetat på varje litet hörn av bilen, både utsida och insida, men tills nyligen har de inte rört undersidan eftersom det redan var gjort när bilen kom till Castleman. Jag trodde det var hjort till en hög standard, men när stone-chipped började att flagna av på vissa ytor så började vi bli lite misstänksamma och beslutade att blästra (soda-blast) undersidan av bilen. När detta var gjort hade vi funnit följande:    

  1. stone-chippen hade inte fäst på de ytor some hade svetsats och sprayade med röd primer. Skälet för detta tror vi är att den röda primer inte behandlats med sealer innan stone-chippen lagts på, vilket fordras för ett bra resultat. 
  2. Det var rost i båda längsgående främre balkar. 
  3. Förstärkningsstaget tvärs över kardan tunneln var mycket rostig. 
  4. Det var flera små pinhål i golven. De visade sig också vara ganska tunna i vissa delar. 
  5. Det var också några ytterligare delar som behövde repareras. 

Naturligtvis var detta en besvikelse – eftersom det både försenar och fördyrar recovering, Men, jag vågar knappt tänka på den besivikelse det hade blivit om jag inte hade upptäckt detta och det hade krupit fram rost om några år. Det hade varit en enorm besvikelse! Nu vet jag att varenda liten del, varenda kvadratmillimeter av karossen har blivit blästrad till bara metallen och noggrainnt inspekterad, lagad och behandlad i alla steg som en professionell restaurering sak ha, etch primer, sealed, grundad och målad på alla sidor, under, över och inuti.   Detta kommer att ge bästa möjliga  skydd.

Nedan ett antal bilder på noggrannheten i hur Castleman jobbar igenom alla delar för ett professionellt resultat.  Mycket betryggande.

IMG_7167 IMG_7062 IMG_7070 IMG_7071

Trying on the Chrome Trim to see that it all fits. The tolerances for the trim on the door around the handle hasn’t been great on any P1800 I’ve seen. Wonder how it fitted when new?   /   Provar hur kromlister och stötfångare passar. Passningen på dörrlisterna har inte varit så bra på någon P1800 som jag har sett.  Undrar hur det var när det var nytt?

IMG_7201 IMG_7199 

Great that this dry fitting was done as it revealed that the hole for the electric connection on the tow bar was too high. Wouldn’t have wanted to discover that once its painted!   /   Verkligen tur att vi testade allt, annars hade vi inte sett att kablaget till draganordnigens elkontakt satt för högt.  det hade jag inte velat upptäcka när det var målat!

IMG_6980 IMG_7673

Door hinges and bonnet hinges rebuilt so that there isn’t any play. Will feel like when it was new! / Gångjärn på både dörrar och motorhuv renoverade så att de ej glappar. Kommer att kännas som nytt!

IMG_7340 IMG_7339 IMG_7338 IMG_7337   IMG_7341 IMG_7342 IMG_7343

Lots of work in the Engine department to get it tidy.   /   Mycket jobb i motor rummet för att få det snyggt.

IMG_7381 IMG_7382

Different length on the water drainage shelf under the bonnet on RH and LH side. Needs to be sorted.   /   Olika längd på falsen runt motorrummet på vänster och höger sida. Behöver fixas.

IMG_7461 IMG_7460 IMG_7440

More engine compartment work. Tidy up the fender joining to the body.   /   Mer motorrums jobb. Här snyggas kanten där skärmen ansluter mot innerskärmen till.

IMG_7413 IMG_7422 IMG_7415 IMG_7414

The doors are good so we didn’t even need to replace the door skins. Only a little welding in some areas and replacing the door seal retainer.  Those could be found at Brookhouse Volvo.    /  Dörrarna var i bra skick, så vi behövde inte ens byta dörrpanelen. bara svetslaga på några ställen och byta spåret där gummilisten sitter. Hittade dessa färdiga på Brookhouse Volvo. Hyde varit tidsödande att tillverka.

IMG_7383   IMG_7380

Works at the front – tidy up behind the grille.   /   Uppsnyggning bakom grillen.

IMG_1180 IMG_1174IMG_7573

Soda blasted the whole underside of the body as parts of the under seal peeled off. That was good as it revealed a few things to work on.   /   Fick blästra hela undersidan eftersom Stone chippen flagnade. Det var tur, för det visade sig att det fanns mer att göra under…

IMG_7584 IMG_7560

A few old repairs are ugly and needs re-doing. We will carefully review the four floor panels as they are thin in some areas.  I’ve actually ordered all four new panels so if we want to replace them all, we can.    /    Några fula gamla reparationer som behöver fixas. Vi ska inspektera golven noga då de är tunna i vissa delar.  jag har beställt alla fyra golvpanelerna så att vi kan byta om det behövs. 

IMG_7563  IMG_1297IMG_7630

New bracket had to be made as there are no where to be bought as a panel.   /  En ny konsol fick tillverkas då de inte finns att köpa.

IMG_7555 IMG_7620 IMG_7590

The outriggers has been replaced not to long ago and therefore only cleaned when we replaced the sills. An ugly patch on the Front chassis rails revealed rust. Therefore I have ordered new legs for both left and right hand side,so we can replace with new.    /   Tvärbalkarna har bytts för inte så länge sedan så de räckte att rengöra innuti och rostskydda när vi bytte trösklarna. En ful gammal lagning på en längsgående balk visade sig vara rostig när vi öppnade.  Vi byter därför båda.

Adjustments / Justeringar

After 48 years, the doors didn’t open and close well. The doors “fell down” about 3-4 mm when I opened them.  Someone suggested to give them to an Engineering firm to replace the pin in the hinges. I had them back yesterday and they now works perfectly!  We have tried them on with the door and its a big big difference.  All the trim has been fitted so that they can be adjusted (and then taken off again of course;-) before the paint work is progressed.

IMG_6980 IMG_7017 IMG_7023IMG_7021

Efter 48 år öppnande inte dörrarna så bra. De satte sig 3-4 mm när man öppnande dem. Jag fick förslaget att lämna dem till en ingenjörsfirma för att driva i en ny gångjärnspinne. Igår fick jag tillbaka dem och det var en jätteskillnad när vi provade dem på dörrarna. Alla kromlister har nu blivit påsatta och injusterade innan lack jobbet fortsätter. Fast då ska dom av igen förståss 😉

Back from Sand blasting / Tillbaka från sand blästring

Finally a bit of progress with the body itself. I went to see the car today when it was back from Sand blasting.  Apparently there was many lawyers of spray (white-silver-bluemetallic-white-white) and in some areas they couldn’t get it of without damaging the panels.  P&K Panelworks will therefore strip the remaining paint of manually with paint remover and sanding. The car will now be moved to a rig to be measured up to check that everything is fine. I will then take the opportunity to renovate also the front suspension, cross-member and steering. Thats great, because then everything will be done 🙂

IMG_6371IMG_6365 IMG_6366 IMG_6367 IMG_6368  IMG_6370

Äntligen börjar det hända lite med karossen. Jag åkte och tittade på bilen idag när den kommit tillbaka från sandblästring. Det var många lager av färg på bilen och de behövde verkligen komma bort för att få ett toppenresultat. (vit-silvermetallic-blåmetallic-vit-vit). På flera ytor gick det inte att sandblästra bort allt utan att skada plåten.  P&K Panelworks kommer istället att ta bort resten manuellt med färgborttagning och slipning. Bilen skall nu flyttas över i en rigg och mätas upp så att vi kan kolla att alla mått stämmer. Jag kommer då att passa på att renovera även framvagnen. Det är lika bra när nu allt annat är gjort. 🙂