Preparing to paint the engine / förbereder att måla motorn

I did order Aerosol cans with Red Engine paint from VP-Autoparts, but when I’ve put so much work into cleaning the engine and gearbox as well as staring to mask them in preparation for the spray job, I changed my mind and will paint with a brush instead. That will build better then spray. Hopefully that will help me to avoid disappointments later on.  For those interested in the colour code, below is a reference to a page with all the paint numbers on: IMG_6979 IMG_7027  IMG_7026 IMG_6967 Jag hade beställt sprayfärg med Volvo röd motorfärg från VP-Autoparts, men efter att ha lagt ned allt detta jobb på rengöring och maskning av motor och växellåda, så har jag bestämt mig för att penselmåla istället. Ny beställning till VP! Den färgen bygger mycket bättre och man kan jobba in färgen i porerna på ett bättre sätt. Tror att jag kan undvika senare besvikelser.  För den som behöver färgnummer, nedanstående länk innehåller alla färgnummer man kan behöva.

2 thoughts on “Preparing to paint the engine / förbereder att måla motorn

  1. ovep1800s Post author

    Yes, that’s the one. Regarding the trouble of mixing it, I’m afraid that an editing problem which I now have corrected on the blog. I was planning to first paint with a brush and then sand down and spray as nice finishing coat. I was recommended not to as it was a risk that it would mean mixing two different paints which I was advised not to unless I could know its exactly the same. I couldn’t so I just brushed and I’m very pleased with the result. Thanks for the question, I have now edited the blog.


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